Dear friends in Christ,

With the new restrictions in place, we will revert to providing times of private prayer in the church on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You can sign up for a 20-minute interval for private prayer, which will conclude with the opportunity to receive Holy Communion.  


You will have time to pray for a few minutes while seated or kneeling in the pews before the Communion Service proper.  Our musicians will continue to add beauty to this time of prayer.


Some details of the Communion Service are listed below.  Since we can only accommodate 6 people at a time, we ask that individuals do not sign up every week, but allow others the opportunity to attend.


We hope that this current restriction on public Masses will not last too long.  The schedule for the 20-minute sessions is as before: 

Wednesday:  8:15 & 8:45 am

Saturday: 4:30 & 5:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 & 11:30 am

To register visit - under “Private Prayer”, or if you do not have access to a computer, contact the office. 416.698.1105, Tuesdays after 11 am.


Yours in Christ ……………….…Fr. John-Mark Missio


What to expect, for your safety, as well as your fellow parishioners.

Register to attend these services – on our website or phone if you do not have access to a computer. Registration begins on Tuesdays after 11 am.

Due to the tight schedule, and social distancing, arrive only at the exact time you are scheduled.

Wear your mask or face covering to enter.

Sanitize your hands as you enter.

Please follow the direction of the ushers.

- You will have a few minutes to pray on your own

- Prayers of preparation led by the priest (Penitential Act, Reading, Lord's Prayer)

- Holy Communion as at Mass (each person coming up the centre aisle and returning to same pew via the side aisle)

- A moment of silent prayer while seated in the pews

- A concluding prayer, blessing and dismissal

- Depart by the centre aisle.

Please be mindful of the safety precautions as you exit the church and the ramp